Cynthia, founder of ‘CynEats’ and ‘CynLinh,’ is a lover of all things travel, fashion, wellness, adventure and food! She shares all of her discoveries with her fans across Snapchat, Instagram, and her wildy-popular blog. Cynthia believes in providing her fans full transparency into her day to day life, and is known for her deeply personal essays and confessions that make her incredibly related to women all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is blogging my full time job? Yes. Full story here.

Why do you have two sites (CynEats and CynLinh)? What’s the difference? 

There are so many topics and personal stories I want to share, but felt that it wasn’t appropriate or a right “fit” on CynEats since the content is mainly focused on food. Read more on why I started CynLinh here.

On CynEats: you’ll continue find the best places to eat at, latest restaurants, and foodie guides on where to take the best food porn.

On CynLinh: you’ll find personal stories, fashion inspo, beauty tips, pretty much anything is fair game!

What kind of camera do I use? I started with a Fuji X100s. Now I use a Fuji XT10 where I can change lenses- my current fav is the 56mm. I love using mirrorless cameras because they are less bulky, less heavy, and they can produce images like a DSLR. Size is everything to me, in this case- the smaller the better. 

Do you have any tips on photography?
Here’s a post on how I take and edit all my iPhone shots. Read more.
How can we collaborate? 
Whenever I choose a company to work with, I make sure it’s a natural fit with either the CynLinh or CynEats brand. For inquiries, contact me here.
How do you eat so much and stay in shape? Lol, yes- I do get that question all the time and wrote a whole post on it here