5 Ways to Dress Up Your Trousers

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Whenever I used to think of trousers, I think: “basic” “boring” “BLAH” “work attire”. Does anyone else feel me on this? Nothing about it really excites me.

That is… Until I started pairing them with practically anything else in my closet besides work clothes. Think: crop tops, tanks, one pieces.

Wearing trousers gives you a sophisticated look, not to mention they’re also timeless.

I personally love wearing them because it’s comfy AF and I can hide my muffin top after eating out…. (I mean, anything to hide my food baby lol) #winning.

Oh, and did I mention versatile? Imagine wearing your trousers to work with a blouse, then switching it up to a crop top for happy hour or a hot date after work. Instant chic.

If you’re like me, I like to repurpose my clothes as many times as possible. (If I could wear workout clothes to the bar, I totally would)


For this first look, it was easy to switch out a blouse with a crop top for a sexier vibe.

Rock it: white blazer + crop top + button trousers

How to wear a long black blazer

Since trousers are meant for business attire, try to find some with color to make your outfit pop! These yellow pants are one of my favs and changes the look from 0-100 real quick.

Rock it: Long black blazer + tight black tank + yellow trousers

Cylinh-4For this look, since I was showing a little bit of skin, the cardigan pulls the whole look together. Sometimes long cardigans work with trousers, which creates a more casual look (than the typical blazer).

Try it: Crop top + trousers + long cardigan

When you want to bum it out, a tee shirt is always my number one choice. It’s comfy and cute.

Stripped tee (tucked in) + white trousers

How to rock trousers

If you’re going out for drinks, try adding a statement necklace. It’ll pull the whole look together for a “you tried, but not too hard” kind of look.

A statement necklace can be everything. It can make your outfit more dynamic. It’s the perfect accessory and all you really need.

Try it: Black V-neck + black trousers + statement necklace + cardigan

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One Comment on “5 Ways to Dress Up Your Trousers”

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