How To Dress Up Jogger Pants For A “You TRIED, But Not TOO HARD” Kind Of Look


I LOVE my joggers. On certain days, I practically live in them. They’re like the cooler version of sweatpants, but just as comfy.

You know they days when you just cant even. Well, those are the days where you’d have to PAY me to get out of my jogger pants. I wear them out to go grocery shopping, get my nails done, on photoshoots, even on date-nights and to happy hour.

Yes, my obsession with these pants are real.

There are several ways to wear them. You can pull them down to make it look more “bummy” with sneakers. But still look chic.

Or you can pull them all the way up to look high waisted.

How to dress up bomber jacket

For this look: I was bummin’ it all day at home (in my jogger pants OBV) with my hair in a pony, watching re-runs of Game of Thrones, and eating hot cheetos with chopsticks. Then I was dragged out of the house for drinks

I threw on a bustier top (or crop top), added a bomber jacket (b/c these jackets are also comfy AF) and some heels. Instant 180!

Jogger pants with heelsSo if you guys have jogger pants at home, and are feeling super lazy… try pairing it with a nicer top. I usually add a black jacket, leather jacket, jean jacket… see what works for you!

BTW: don’t pull them up too much or else you’ll get a camel toe.

Jogger pants are a girl’s go-to when you don’t give a F. You can wear it for a nap and then straight to happy hour. I’m all about it.

PC: Brandon Tran



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