10 days in New York: 1 AirBnb + 4 different hotels later… kind of story


Oh man. NYFW was a shit show.

It was crazy. stressful. fun. exciting. sleep-less, food-less and home-less. lol

We were pretty much homeless for 70% of our time in NY. Think: checking into a hotel at 8pm, then checking out at 8am the next morning, then not knowing which hotel to move to till 7pm at night.

So back story- I planned to stay in NY for 10 days (looooveeeee NY) and thought it’d be cool to do an AirBnB.

Yanno… live like a true local!

We found this CUTE ass spot in West Village- right by Bleeker St Pizza and Joes Pizza. I mean…. doesn’t get any better, right? It was close enough to all the runway shows AND all the foodie spots I wanted to hit up.

The reviews seemed totally legit too. Everyone raved about this particular AirBnB and how awesome the host was (SHE totally was awesome).

Everything was planned out perfectly. I was ecstatic.

Until we got there…

First off, as soon as we walked through the first door on the bottom floor… this crazy HEAT WAVE hit me right in the face. Like, no joke… it was 20 degrees hotter inside that building than it was outside.

So then, I lug all my luggages to the very end of the hallway. My arm circulation was getting cut off. No big deal. I look around, and find that theres stairs to my left. and NOTHING to my right. (Thinking: Where’s the damn elevator?!)

Shocker. There’s no elevator.

Next, Brandon and I have to walk up 5 flights of stairs with HELLLA suitcases (because Fashion week, duh).

Oh and BTW…. he brought a purse JUST FOR ALL HIS SUNGLASSES. (Lmao…. this queen).

(I swear to G, only two of those bags are mine)

So we finally make it up to our floor. We open the door and find that it’s not THAT much cooler inside.

And the bedroom? Well… lets just say that the only way to get into the room is onto the bed. It was so small that we couldn’t even put 1 suitcase inside. (We left everything in the hallway).

So I spent the night tossing and turning in bed (because it was hot AF) and Brandon slept on the couch outside.

It was 7am when I heard someone in the kitchen. I walk outside to ask them for water. It was the host/owner of the place. She politely asks how I’m doing and I immediately blurt out with a very very dry throat “its SO HOT here.”

She responds with “oh, theres air conditioning in the room.”

I’m thinking… WHERE IS THIS magical thing you speak of.

She shows me back into the room and lifts the decorative pillows out from behind my head…. and behold… there’s an old-school AC unit.

First I thought… HALLELUJAH! I can finally get some sleep.

2 minutes later… the wind was blowing on my face. My hair was flying. My ears were cold. I couldn’t breathe. And this thing was LOUD AF.

*Insert: crying emoji*

An hour later, we find out that there’s TWO other roommates living there. And one of them WORKS FROM HOME- who kicked brandon off the couch lol.

So for Fashion Week, Day 1- we had to get ready in the living room (hair & makeup) because there just wasn’t enough room in the actual bedroom or bathroom.

And the rest of our living situation for the other 9 days? Well, let’s just say Hotel’s Tonight saved our butts (not sponsored, although… sponsor me? haha).

They give you the lowest rates and you can check into a hotel that same night (went down from like $400-$500 a night to $150-$250 by 7pm). The only downside was that you can’t really book that rate for more than a night or two. Which would have been really awesome if we were only there for a few days.

So if any of you guys are ever stranded and need a place to stay… DL the Hotel’s Tonight app. It was a true lifesaver.

Anyways, I’ll be doing a full recap post on NYFW2016 because the experience was really awesome & I have tons to share.

And honestly? I’m currently battling an insane desire to go back to NY already!

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