Running around NYC in a moto jacket, searching for the Halal Guys


Acne leather jacket-7

Wassup everyone! Am I totally feelin myself in this pic or what?? Jk. I was so tired from walking all over New York at 12am searching for the real Halal Guys (food truck).

Turns out, it was 6 blocks away from our hotel.


That’s not SF blocks, these were NEW YORK streets which are 3 times as long. We were also in search for a 24/7 market to buy water bottles for $2 instead of the $12 ones in the hotel rooms.

I mean… $12 for water… you’ve got to be kidding me. 

Acne leather jacket-3

Radio City Music Hall New York_ black and white

So we walked these 6 blocks. Stopped by Radio City for a few pics, got lost, went to Times Square, and eventually found our way to the Halal Guys food truck. I was suuupperrrrr excited. Oh, and their secret sauce? Heavenly. 

As we were waiting in line, I turned to @dopensteez and said (with a smirk) “I hope you can handle spicy!”

Without thinking, I immediately doused my bowl with the white sauce and then the hot sauce on top. It was almost 1am at this point, so I was extra hungry, extra excited.

I took one bite… and immediately started crying. You guys…. literal tears were running down my cheeks and I couldn’t stop for a good 10 minutes.

Not because I was overwhelmed with joy, but because it was SPICY AF! WTHHHH. LIKE HOW COULD ANYONE EAT THAT?! (Does anyone else feel me right now? That shit is no joke!)

// super stoked @halalguyssfbay is coming to the city!! ????????????

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FYI… they’re coming to San Francisco! Annddddd that’s probably a good amount of hot sauce. 

Anyway, here are the outfit deets: it was so perfect for running around town. You guys know I love rockin my black trousers because it’s extremely comfy, loose, not too tight (perfect for grubbing). For this look, I paired it with a crop top and a leather jacket for an edgier vibe.

Acne leather jacket-5Acne leather jacket-9Photography by: Brandon Tran

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