WTF do I really do for work? Really though….

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Every time I tell someone that I’m “a full-time blogger” they look at me like I just spoke to them in Chinese (slightly fascinated- yet they have no idea what I just said).

They’re like…. So you write about things? Yah. 

Sooo you take pictures of food? Yah. And then I eat it cold.

I’ve been following your Instagram…. you get to travel the world? I wouldn’t say THE WORLD, but yah. I get to travel for work.


Followed by moments of silence for them to comprehend what I just said. (This is a real convo BTW).

To this day, even my parents don’t really “know” what I do. Although I explain it to them every.single.time.

And to be completely honest, I don’t have an exact job description for you either. I do a million different things that can’t be summed up into a sentence or even a paragraph. My job evolves every single day depending on what needs to get done or my interests.

But to make it as simple as possible: I’m an influencer, a content creator, a photographer, a blogger, and a serial entrepreneur.

I started blogging because I knew I wanted to create something for myself. I wanted to build a brand and a business where I could be creative as hell without someone telling me what to do everyday.

I started CynEats because I have a passion for food and I wanted a place where I could give honest recommendations to all my friends- that were actually comprehendible. I wanted to provide down to earth reviews that actually made sense to people who don’t cook or know any fancy cooking jargons. Basically, CynEats is a place where people go to if  they want to know: 1. Where to go 2. What to order 3. Is it worth it?

Then I started CynLinh because I found that I was growing out of CynEats. Don’t get me wrong, CynEats isn’t going anywhere. I LOVE food and will always have a passion for eating (def not looking forward to the day my metabolism slows down, hah) but I found that I wanted to write about things beyond food. I wanted a place where I could be real and talk about stories/topics that inspire me and others too.

So fast forward to present day… I get to travel, eat free food, and work with some really cool brands like MTV and Virgin Atlantic. All this sounds fun, right?

Except it’s not all glitz and glam.

Most people only see the curated and filtered content on Instagram. What they don’t see is the sleepless nights (currently writing this at 2:24am), the missed happy hours, gym time, me time. My brain literally doesn’t stop going. There’s no “clocking-out” at 5pm every Monday- Friday.

Besides running my two sites, I have clients that I manage 24/7. These are the social media clients that I create content for every week. If you hang out with me on Snap, then you’ve seen me run around with burgers, stand on chairs, and do some crazy things to get the shot.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s all been worth it and is super fun. Every second, every minute of it.

If you come into anything with a passion, then it’ll never really feel like “work.” You beat to your own drum! Make your own hours, be YOUR own boss. You create whatever it is YOU want to create. And that’s what makes it all worth it.

CynLinh is a new chapter in my life and I hope you guys love the new site! I am so grateful to have such amazing readers from the very beginning.

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